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Counseling and Therapy: Choosing the Best Psychologist Psychology by definition is the study of human behavior and mind, inclusive of the unconscious and conscious experience, as well as thought processes evolving around behavior and actions. A psychologist explores mental and behavior including cognition, perception, emotion, attention, intelligence, motivation, phenomenology, personality and brain functioning. Psychologists deals with the assessment and intervention extending from interaction between people or interpersonal relationships involving coping mechanisms, family resilience and other key areas. Clinical psychology is a specialization of psychology that aims to understand, prevent, and relieve distress which is psychologically based, mental dysfunction or mental illness, promoting personal development and subjective well-being. Clinical psychologists engage in the practice of psychological assessment and initiation of psychotherapy, and may also engage with research, consultation, teaching, forensic testimony, administration and program development. Psychotherapy or psychological counseling applies to anyone who wants to maintain and enhance mental and physical health promoting intimacy and honesty in daily life, as opposed to the notion that it is only applicable for those who are generally thought as “crazy”, or those who had just suffered from a nervous breakdown. But when do you need to see a psychologist? If you are dealing with a problem in a distorted or inappropriate behavior, then definitely you’ll need to seek a psychologist’s advice. Sometimes unconscious psychological blocks are encountered when we are dealing with problems, and this is despite of our best intentions to manage your problem properly and change things. If you are feeling vaguely dissatisfied with your life but cannot picture a clear sense of what the real problem is, then defining the problem is vital so you can discover the unconscious blocks clouding your thoughts, thereby you can proceed on your own. It is important to manage depression as early as onset because suicidal risk is very high, and thus psychotherapy is needed along with psychiatric referral for medication and further medical evaluation. Learning the basic strategies of defining and solving problems may actually eliminate your need for a professional help in the future. Unclear, undefined and unresolved problems may result to symptoms masking the real problem such as drowning yourself with work, substances, sexuality or entertainment, that can generate more adjacent issues without having concrete resolution, causing more symptoms affecting your physical and psychological well-being. If the family’s own attempt to solve the problem fails in any family conflict, it is much better to undergo a family therapy to get the problem solve preventing further problems. The most common topics handled and managed by a psychologist are anxiety, depression, mania, family issues, health issues, phobias, trauma, spiritual issues and performance enhancement. Marriage counseling is also one of the most sought type of consultation in the field of psychology also may be integrated with family therapy.3 Services Tips from Someone With Experience

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