Just Mayo – Descended From Royalty

Looking at the tables in a hamburger joint would lead anyone to believe that ketchup is America’s favorite condiment. After all, there’s a bottle of ketchup proudly sitting on every table. They would be wrong – America’s #1 condiment is mayonnaise. There is more than twice as much mayo sold every year as ketchup.

Mayonnaise – Invented for Royalty

Mayonnaise is believed to have been invented by the French chef of the Duc de Richelieu in 1756. While the Duc was busy defeating the British during a battle at Port Mahon, his chef was preparing a victory feast. One of the dishes required a sauce made from eggs and cream. The chef was dismayed to discover that there was no cream in his kitchen, so created a new culinary masterpiece. He substituted olive oil for cream and voila – “Mahonnaise,” named in honor of the Duc’s victory.

Mayonnaise Comes to America

Mayonnaise was popular in Europe throughout the 1800s. Travelers from Europe may have brought the recipe with them during that time (basic mayonnaise is simply eggs, oil and vinegar/lemon juice), but the first official mention isn’t until 1905. Richard Hellman was a German immigrant to New York City who opened up a deli. He used his own delicious mayonnaise in salads that he prepared and sold. It wasn’t long before people began buying just the mayonnaise, as they continue to do today.

Just Mayo – New and Improved

Mayonnaise is creamy and delicious, but is also calorie-rich and high in cholesterol. Just Mayo Mayonnaise is Hampton Creek’s primary product. Instead of eggs, Just Mayo is produced from a cholesterol-free plant-based egg replacement. It is environmentally friendly since no chickens are required and a healthier product. Of course, that wouldn’t matter unless it tasted good – which it does.

Hampton Creek is a food technology startup founded in 2011. They focused on creating a plant-based egg substitute that could be used in food products. Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo is attracting a lot of attention. Investors love the company and consumers love Just Mayo. It was introduced to the public by Whole Foods in 2013. Since then, Just Mayo is flying off the shelves in Publix, Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree and many other stores. Just Mayo was followed by Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough, with further products following closely behind.