Ancient History – Athens


Archaeologists have found evidence that Athens has been inhabited from at least the fifth millennium BC. The site would have been attractive to early settlers for a number of reasons: its location in the midst of productive agricultural terrain; its closeness to the coast and the natural safe harbour of Piraeus; the existence of defensible high ground, the Acropolis (from akron and polis, or ‘city on the high ground’); and the proximity of a natural source of water on the north-west side of the Acropolis.

Traces of Mycenaean fortifications from the thirteenth century AC can still be seen on the Acropolis, including some foundations belonging to what must have been a palatial structure. The fortifications, known as the ‘Pelasgian’ walls (after the indigenous people believed to have built them before the arrival of the Greeks around 2000 BC), remained in use until the Persian Wars of 490-480 BC. One stretch behind the temple of Athena Nike appears to have been deliberately preserved in the Classical period.

There was a decline of Mycenaean society across the Greek world around the end of the twelfth century BC. Whether this was directly connected with the Trojan War (around 1184 BC), or the so-called Dorian Invasion thought to have taken place soon after this conflict, Athens does not appear to have succumbed to an attack. The Mycenaean royal family of Pylos is said to have taken refuge in Athens after their city’s fall to the Dorians. One of its members, Codros, became king of his adoptive city.

The collapse of Mycenaean civilization left Greece in political, economic and social decline, accompanied by loss of artistic skills, literacy and trade networks. The Mycenaean form of writing, known as Linear B, was completely forgotten, and the Greek alphabet did not emerge until the late eighth century BC as the new form of writing. At this time city states began to emerge throughout the Greek world, governed by oligarchies, or aristocratic councils. Thirteen kings ruled in Athens after Codros, until in 753 BC they were replaced by officials with a ten-year term, known as decennial archons, and in 683 BC by annually appointed eponymous archons.

Conflict between the oligarchs and the lower classes, many of whom had been reduced to slavery, led to a series of reforms that paved the way for the emergence of the world’s first true democracy. Around 620 BC the lawmaker Dracon set up wooden tablets on the Acropolis known as axones. These were inscribed with civil laws and punishments so harsh that the death penalty was prescribed even for minor crimes, giving rise to the term `draconian’ which is still used today. Dracon’s intervention did little to ensure order, prompting representatives of the nobles and lower classes in 594 BC to appoint the statesman and poet Solon as archon.

Solon terminated aristocratic rule, setting up a representational government where participation was determined not by lineage or bloodline, but wealth. He eliminated slavery based on debt, and restituted freedom and land to those who had been enslaved. Solon created a `Council of Four Hundred’ from equal numbers of representatives of the Ionian tribes to which the Athenians claimed to belong, and instituted four classes of citizenry.

Peisistratos, Solon’s younger cousin, became tyrant (tyrannos) of Athens in 545 BC. He ensured the Solonian constitution was respected and governed benevolently. After Peisistratos’ death, however, things took a negative turn and anti-Peisistratid sentiment grew. By 510 BC King Cleomenes of Sparta was asked to assist in deposing Peisistratos’ son Hippias. Hippias sought refuge in Persia at the court of King Darius.

Soon after, the aristocrat Cleisthenes promised to institute further reforms giving a more direct role to citizens in government. His reforms were passed in 508 BC, and democracy was established in Athens. A new `Council of Five Hundred’ (the Boule) replaced the ‘Council of Four Hundred’, with equal representation from the various tribes. Cleisthenes is also credited with instituting the system of ostracism, which ‘voted’ an individual considered dangerous to democracy into exile for ten years.

It is uncertain when the former Mycenaean citadel was transformed into a sacred precinct but by the late eighth century BC a modest temple (or perhaps more than one) stood on the plateau. The oldest and holiest cult image on the Acropolis was the statue of Athena Polias (Protectress of the City), a crude olive-wood figure, so old that Athenians of the Classical period believed it had either fallen from heaven or been made by Cecrops or Erichthonios. This sacred image of Athena was ritually ‘dressed’ every year in a peplos, a sacred robe, as part of the Panathenaic festival.

A temple is thought to have been built around 700 BC to the south of the later, Classical Erechtheion, to house the statue of Athena Polias. The first major building of which there are significant remains on the Acropolis was the so-called ‘Bluebeard Temple’, built in the Archaic period around 560 BC. The ‘Bluebeard Temple’ is thought by some to have stood to the south of the later Erechtheion. Ancient texts mention a mysterious building or precinct contemporary to the ‘Bluebeard Temple’, called the Hecatompedon, or ‘Hundred-footer’. Whatever this structure or place was, it gave its name to the principal room of the Classical Parthenon, perhaps because the later building occupies the same site.

With the expulsion of Hippias a new temple was built on the Acropolis, its foundations still visible to the south of the later Erechtheion. This building, the Archaios Naos, or ‘ancient temple’, is likely to have been deliberately commissioned around 506 BC as a replacement for the ‘Bluebeard Temple’.

The first Persian invasion of 490 BC saw the victory of the Athenians at the battle of Marathon against the forces of King Darius of Persia. The following year the elated Athenians leveled an area on the south side of the Acropolis and began construction of the Old Parthenon. A new gateway to the Acropolis was also commenced, known as the Old Propylaia.

This post-Marathonian building program on the Acropolis came to a violent end in 480 BC when Xerxes, son of King Darius, led a second Persian invasion of Greece. Athens had to be evacuated and Xerxes razed the city and buildings on the Acropolis. Under the command of Themistocles, the Athenians destroyed the Persian fleet in the battle of Salamis. Victory over the Persians was ensured after the battle of Plataea (479 BC), to the northwest of Athens, when a combined Greek army annihilated the Persians.

In the aftermath of the battle of Plataea, a vow was made by the victors never to rebuild the shrines that were destroyed in the war, preserving them instead as memorials for later generations.

Pericles, who was a general and statesman, came to power in Athens around 461 BC. He considered the oath of Plataea to have been fulfilled, as thirty years had elapsed from the Persian invasion, and proceeded to reconstruct the temples on the Acropolis. He gathered together the best architects and artists in the city and plans were drawn up to erect new buildings that would outshine those torn down by the Persians. The Periclean building programme enhanced the lower city with new monuments, such as the Temple of Hephaestus, also known as the Theseion, and the Painted Stoa or Poikile situated near the Agora (marketplace).


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Athens – The Destination


Athens was named after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, which is certainly fitting for the birthplace itself. Evidence of its ancient heyday is everywhere, in the remnants of monuments, statuary and sacred sites that are still revered as survivors of one of history’s most important eras.

A Poseidon adventure in art

In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of sea, so it is only fitting that the astoundingly wrought bronze statue of him was raised from the bottom of the Aegean Sea, where it lay for centuries after a shipwreck off the Cape of Artemision. The two-meter tall figure stands with arms extended and leaning forward on its left leg. The right hand once held a trident, and the unknown sculptor clearly was a master in accurately duplicating the complicated balancing act that goes into the seemingly simple motion of throwing a spear.

This work of art is one of the many stunning bronzes at the National Archeological Museum in Athens. The museum’s collection – which includes pieces that date all the way back to the prehistoric period – offers the best collection of Greek art in the world. Renovations closed the museum for a year and half, but it was reopened just in time for the 2004 Olympic Games.

At 260 feet above the city, the Acropolis (“high city”) is not only the highest point in Athens, but for many people it is the high point of any visit to Greece. It is the oldest known settlement in Greece and was a sacred site for ancient Athenians.

During the period of 448 to 420 B.C., the distinguished Athenian statesman Pericles commissioned the construction of four new monuments on the Acropolis at the site of former ruins. The Athenian sculptor Phidias presided over the construction and interior design. The Ionic Erechtheum includes the Porch of Caryatids, with its column in the shape of monumental female figures that identify remains a mystery. The Ionic Temples of Athena Nike, dedicated to the cult of Athena as the goddess of victory, was built during the Peloponnesian War, its frieze depicts the Greek victory over the Persians in the battle of Plataea. The Propylaea, the gateway to the Acropolis with rows of both Doric and Ionic columns, replaced an earlier version destroyed by the Persians. And of course, the Acropolis remains home to what’s left of the Parthenon.

The Parthenon, designed by architects Iktinos and Kallikrates, took 15 years to complete. It was the closest to Pericles’ heart: Among various friezes depicting life among gods, the large statue of Athena represented his homage to the goddess and to the greatness of Athens.

Even in A.D. 131, savvy developers like the Roman Emperor Hadrian recognized the importance of signage. “This is the city of Hadrian and not of Theseus,” reads the inscription on Hadrian’s arch, situated at the foot of the Acropolis and once the marker between Hadrianopolis and the Athens city limits. The side facing the Acropolis and ancient Athens reads, ” This is Athens, the city of Theseus.”

Like all the surrounding monuments and the Athens infrastructure itself, Hadrian’s Arch has undergone a major facelift. The 60-foot high archway, constructed of Pentelic marble, upheld by columns with Corthinian capitals and topped by a series of Corinthians columns, lost a bit of structural stability in the mid-18th century, when 8 of its columns were removed.

Restorers shored up the arch, cleaned away centuries of pollution and repaired its cracks, just in time for the 2004 Olympic Games.

The Evzones

The Evzones were once the elite soldiers of the Greek army. Today they are the presidential guards, a ceremonial unit that maintains watch over The Parliament, The Presidential Mansion and The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The soldiers wear a traditional and highly photogenic uniform comprising a scarlet cap with a long black tassel, a cotton tunic, black knee tassels above white stockings, red clogs with black pompons and a woolen kilt called a fustanella. The fustanella has 400 pleats, one for each year that the Greeks were on the occupation of the Ottoman Empire. Bearing leather cartridge belts and rifles with a bayonet, the soldiers maintain strict physical discipline as they stand at attention and resist tourists’ attempts to distract them.

A changing of guard is performed daily before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but on Sundays, the complete ceremony – involving an army band and dozens of soldiers – is conducted.

Alice in Wonderland

Imagine Alice in Wonderland’s tumble into a magical world, and you will have an idea what this-off-beaten-path attraction in the Village of Paiania is like. Far larger than a rabbit hole, Koutouki Cave is a natural wonder that will awe you with its colors and formations. In 1926, a goat disappeared from its herd where it was grazing on the slope of Mount Ymittos. A search turned up a small crevice, and a brave soul descended by rope into the abyss below. The goat had not survived the fall, but its intended rescuer returned with a story of a beautiful underground chamber.

The vertical cave consists of a 38.5 meter shaft that opens onto a large cavern with a diameter of about 60 meters. Guided tours take visitors in through a man-made entrance and lead them on a path through stalactites and stalagmites formed by mineral deposits from water seeping through the limestone of the mountain. The tour ends with a light show accompanied by classical music. It’s just a short taxi ride from Athens to nearby Paiania.


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Another benefit of outsourcing your marketing efforts is that the marketing company can provide you with tools and manpower to cover your campaigns across social media platforms. This means that you do not have to worry about how often you should post to and what content you should provide to enable your company to stay at the top when it comes to current information when it comes to healthcare issues.
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There is also no longer a need to train your own marketing team to prepare and maintain everything from the landing page to the company blog. Articles will need to be written and visitors will have to be converted to actual clients. This is difficult and it is not like just making a website and hoping that it will attract many customers. Your marketing person is someone who is well trained and experienced, work days and nights with your best interest in mind and has a goal of making your business succeed and grow in terms of its client base. Since specialized positions like web designers or dedicated writers for your blog require expensive training, they also charge their clients large for their services. As a matter of fact, the cost can quickly skyrocket if you need to quickly train a replacement due to illness or resignation. If you don’t want to face these troubles then it is about time to outsource to a healthcare marketing service.

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Mobile Healthcare Applications: The Best Thing About Technological Advancement This generation has truly been blessed with healthcare and medical assistance that can be easily accessed any time they need it. Maintaining good health and treating medical conditions has never gotten as easy as a few clicks on a mobile device and this is one of the best things about our advancements in the field of science and technology. Medical conditions do not just pop up out of nowhere, there will always be signs and symptoms like a person’s elevated sugar level could mean diabetes, mood swings could be due to menopause, altered breathing patterns could possibly be asthma, and having a really hard time sleeping could mean a person is insomniac and all these can be detected ad monitored by the mobile devices of today. All you have to do is type in a few keywords to whatever it is you need answers for and in a split second you get everything you need in the palm of your hands. It has been said that due to the easy access to medical condition monitoring methods, more and more people have given more attention to the processes in keeping themselves healthy at all times. So the question now is: what mobile applications have exceeded expectations in the field of science and technology?
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A Guide to Spinal Surgery There is nothing to compromise when it comes to our health. You need to consider a lot of things when it comes to choosing the correct spinal surgery professional. There are a lot of things you need to consider and take into account when you are going to choose to have someone perform an operation at a delicate portion of your body. Keep in mind these tips when you are looking for the right medical professional for your needs. Every day, millions of people around the world are seeking to have an operation in their spinal cord. Spinal surgery can be dangerous if not done properly. Thus, betting on the best professional help for this procedure can be the best thing you can do. Spinal surgery is always a huge risk to your health. There are a lot of options available, but to reduce the risk, you need to get the best in the lot when it comes to spinal surgery. You need to take a long hard look at the options when it comes to spinal surgery. Make sure you understand the risks before you opt to go under the knife and do some spinal surgery. Make sure to exhaust all the options available for you. It is best to avoid having a surgery especially when you are talking about the spinal cord as doctors may suggest non-intrusive ways. A word for the wise, it is best to make sure you are able to exhaust the options when it comes to having a surgery on your spinal cord.
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First of all, you need to look at the credentials of the medical practitioner that you want to get for your needs. There are a lot of times you may have to get the surgery to correct the back pain. Have the back checked to see if your problem needs to have surgery. If you can avoid surgery the better because of the risks, but if it is the only option then you may have to work on getting the best. Spinal cord surgery should be handled by the best if not the best around. Surgery has its risks, but a trained surgeon can help bring down the risks and will make sure the risks will be managed well. A good spinal surgeon will not recommend surgery unless it is totally needed and no other option is left.
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Experience counts a lot when looking for a surgeon. An experienced surgeon can make the situation less risky. Good professionals will never be pushed by money and will always focus on getting you to feel better. Make sure you are aware of all the options available.

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Different Services That a Cosmetic Dentist Offers Teeth play an important role in a person’s appearance, but not a lot of people actually know that. At least once in your adult life, you should seek to consult a cosmetic dentist to resolve any discoloration, misalignment, or otherwise imperfection that your teeth may have. But because not everyone knows what a cosmetic dentist does, it can be quite confusing to determine how they can help you. There are lots of different services you can avail of from a cosmetic dentist, and here we talk about some of the most common and most highly sought after cosmetic dentistry procedures to date. 1. Whitening Procedures – With time, your teeth will get a little yellower than you would prefer, and it doesn’t matter how often or how well you brush them. This is a normal occurrence for many individuals, but while it is quite common, that’s no reason to simply accept it. Using special tools and products, a cosmetic dentist can brighten your smile by whitening your teeth for a very affordable price. Teeth whitening products and tools come in the dozens, and that’s why you should learn more about each one before you make a choice. Talk with your cosmetic dentist to find out what will work best for you. 2. Composite Teeth Bonding – Teeth that are improperly nourished or that are just weak to begin with can become brittle over time and break. Teeth that look imperfect are often riddled with little cracks and jagged edges when viewed closer. This issue however is easily resolved with composite bonding. Weak and broken teeth are made to look better and stronger with tooth-colored composite that the cosmetic dentist places over the broken teeth. Not much preparation is involved, and the process is relatively fast which makes it an ideal quick fix for many individuals.
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3. Veneers – To cover up different kinds of dental imperfections, porcelain or composite veneers can be a long lasting and high quality solution. Veneers are affixed to teeth that are prepared and properly shaped, and are designed to take on the appearance of the enamel. Porcelain veneers are most commonly used for covering front teeth to improve their shape and to make them more aesthetically appealing.
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4. Reshaping Gums with Gum Surgery – Cosmetic dentists can also perform surgery on gums to change their shape and to make them cling to teeth in a way that’s more aesthetically appealing. Because gum surgery can be a bit of a challenge, it would be wise to avail of this procedure from a cosmetic dentist who has had previous experience with delicate situations of the same nature.

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Main Reason Why it Pays to Opt for Dental Visits In the event that you are looking forward to invest on something that relates to your health in general, the need to take things accordingly is one way for you to ensure that you will get to invest according to what you need. Basically speaking, it really pays to make sure that you will look into the things that really matter in our lives on a general note but aside from that, it will also be important that you will look into investing on taking care of your dental health as well. Overall, the need to cater to your dental health is something that you should not just ignore because there are a number of factors that contribute to how people face their daily lives with confidence. In order for you to fully understand the specifics of dental health, we will be talking more about then along in this article so as to give you a better understanding and a comprehension on the specifics that this holds in general. If you are among the people who are having problems and concerns pertaining to how effective dental check-ups and visits are, then you will be better off reading the contents we have along in this article. Right off the bat, there will be tons of things that you should be concerned about when you seek professional dental services but one of the best things about them is that the smallest of cavity development can be stopped in the soonest possible way. If you are going to look into the very reason why it pays to consider such professionals, chances are that you will get to see that they actually are able to ensure that even the smallest of problems will be catered accordingly. Having these regular visits will then ensure you a number of things, one of which being is the assurance that your small dental problems will be handled according to how it should be done.
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Another great thing about seeking dental visits on a regular note is that you will grow with a good set of teeth. Our teeth actually plays a major role in defining how confident we are to face our daily lives and people who have crooked teeth are found to be shy and does not have that much confidence to face people due to embarrassment. To be able to have a good set of teeth, the need to opt for regular dental check-ups should ensure that you will be able to have your teeth grown accordingly.
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If you are looking forward to find professional dental facilities, then might as well make preparations ahead to ensure a great experience.